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Nov 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
california than they are nationally. to what extent can california succeed if obama care nationally in some way fails or falls short? >> well, california, i think, is actually doing a really good job. we're showing other states what it means when a state comes together to say, let's not play politics with our citizens. let's enroll them and covered in health care. there's a 16 other states that are also state-based exchanges like us. new york, washington, connecticut. they're doing a good job. but in air year or two welcome people in states like texas or florida want what california has, insured people getting good coverage that's affordable. >> quickly, if the national website did you want get fixed in a timely way, can -- i mean, we're dependent on that, aren't we? >> absolutely not. for people that need to enroll in coverage in california, we're not using the federal website at all. instead, we actually do a checkup against the irs, the federal hub. so covered california at covered, we do not use were link or depend on a different website. we do, though, ping again
Nov 1, 2013 8:00pm PDT
come together, obama care, the affordable care act. we see huge problems with the health care portals people are going to for the health care exchanges, not so much the ones run by california but nationally run. what do you make of that, they are totally unprepared, the government is not going fast enough to new technology instead of building it on this thing we invented in san francisco called the cloud. they didn't ask you. >> they didn't ask us or anyone associated with the cloud to help them and building these old systems not scaling and got themself into a pickle on that one. >> last question i want to ask you about your grandmother who is 100. tell me about her and what influence she had on you. >> my grand hmother had a phenomenal impact on me. she's 100 so your research is good. when i was growing up and first getting involved in business and in computers, she was really by my side the whole way. i was working at this jewelry shop and polishing the cases and she came to me and said you know what? you make enough money and we'll buy that $500 computer and i'll match you. you ma
Nov 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
. the former arizona governor was president obama's secretary of homeland security when she was chosen as the first woman to head the uc system. her surprise election set up protest for immigration policy during her tenure in washington. she's focused on governoring a system with ten campus, five medical centers and nearly a quarter million students. scott shafer sat down earlier with janet napolitano. >> president napolitano, welcome. >> thank you. >> this has been a tough few years for the university of california, budget cuts, tuition increases. you had rare good news and tuition for the coming year but you need help from sacramento. what do you need for that to happen? >> we want the state to be a partner with the university. we would like sacramento to adopt the governor's budget, which requests or would request another 5% for the university and treat the university with respect to pension the same way it treats the state university and colleges. >> that would help you out to the tune of how much? any idea, a lot? >> it would be quite helpful. we'll fight for the tuition fr
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)